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What Not to Do When Meeting with a Car Accident Attorney for the First Time

You might have taken a few basic steps after your car accident to start handling the situation. The first thing that you might have done was to contact the police. Next, you might have been seen by a doctor or other medical professional to get checked out for accident-related injuries. Next on the list might have been to call an attorney, and that attorney might have set you up with an appointment for a consultation. Listed below are a few things that you should not do when meeting with a car accident attorney for the first time. 

Skip the Meeting 

Even if you aren’t feeling well or aren’t sure if you want to hire an attorney, you should not skip the meeting. You should not have to pay the lawyer on the day of the meeting or at all until your case is handled; after all, these lawyers usually work on a contingency basis. Additionally, there usually is no obligation, so you shouldn’t have to worry about hiring the lawyer if you do not like him or her or what he or she has to offer. There is really nothing to lose when it comes to going to the meeting, but you have everything to lose if you avoid seeking legal representation at all. 

Tell Less Than the Whole Story 

Don’t skip out on telling the whole story to your lawyer. Your car accident lawyer is there to fight for you. If he or she does not have all of the details or if the information that you give isn’t accurate, then this is only going to hurt your case. 

Forget to Bring Important Documentation 

The more information that you can provide your attorney with at your initial consultation, the better advice that he or she will be able to give. Making sure that you bring along necessary documentation to your initial consultation will also make it possible for your attorney to get started with handling your case a lot sooner. You can call your attorney’s office before your meeting with a car accident attorney new haven ct if you are wondering what documents you should bring. 

In general, though, you will definitely want to bring along the police report or accident report. If you have received any communications from your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company, you will need to bring these documents along, too. You might have received paperwork from the paramedics that arrived at the scene, the emergency room or your own doctor, and you might have even gotten medical bills already. All of these things should be brought to the meeting, too. 

Your consultation with a car accident attorney is definitely something that you should take seriously. After all, the lawyer who you meet should be able to help you significantly with handling your case. Avoid the mistakes that are listed above, and follow any advice that your attorney might give you. Staying focused will help you get the best outcome out of your case, no matter how bad the situation might seem right now.

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