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Why You Shouldn’t Fight An Auto Accident Claim Alone

Full length of a young female bicyclist fallen down on street with serious injuries after traffic accident with the 4×4 car of a young man

An auto accident can absolutely devastate the lives of everyone involved and it’s important to make sure that you are given what you need to rebuild if you were not the one who was at fault. While it is possible to attempt to handle your claim on your own, an auto accident attorney suffolk va can make the process much easier on you and ensure that you get the right settlement for everything that you have experienced. Between repairing your own vehicle, getting the proper medical treatment for your injuries, and being compensated for your pain and suffering both on a physical and mental level, there is a lot that has to go into your claim. 

The insurance company of the person who was at fault for your accident will do everything that they can to keep you from getting all of the money that you deserve. It just makes sense that they would want to pay as little as possible but it’s important to realize that their desire to not pay should not impact your ability to get every penny that you are due for compensation. An attorney will help you to prove that the other party was indeed at fault and present the evidence to show just how much the accident has impacted you and your loved ones who may have had to take care of you or have suffered from your inability to work after the accident or perform other functions. 

After an auto accident, it’s important to not only think of compensation on a short term basis. You may have sustained injuries or mental trauma that will impact you for several years to come. It’s not uncommon for people to suffer from PTSD for decades after a serious car accident that resulted in death or injury. In fact, some injuries can lead to permanent disabilities that will interfere with your ability to work and live a normal life for a lifetime. If this is the case with your injuries from the car accident, it’s important that your attorney make sure that you are compensated for the income that you will have lost. Even though the disability may help you qualify for SSDI or SSI, this money is just a fraction of what you could have been earning working a full-time position. 

The process of getting a proper settlement or judgment from an auto accident can take a long time and get complicated. This is especially true if you are trying to do this without an auto accident lawyer while you are trying to heal from the accident. Instead of focusing on proving your case yourself, you should be able to focus on letting yourself heal after everything that you have been through. Even if you feel that you are capable of doing it alone, you probably don’t have the experience that an attorney would to ensure that gather the correct evidence and file motions and paperwork in a timely and correct manner. Rest and heal and let an attorney get the best judgment for your injuries and loss.

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