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Divorce Attorney – What They May Ask From You

For both parties involved, divorce poses a tremendous amount of work. Even with a good divorce attorney, everyone involved has a vital role to play. Therefore it is imperative to be up to speed with what a divorce attorney rochester mi would require from you.

Your Financial Documentation

They may ask for your record of several years of tax returns. Also, they may like to have copies of your income documents, e.g., 1099s, W2s and much more. Some ask for certain documents relating to your assets, e.g., real estates and any documentation that shows your down payment source. They may track down titles and mortgages from your county office too but won’t have the closing paperwork from the time you or your partner purchased the said property.

Car Titles

Assets like boats or vehicles that have titles need to be addressed in the final divorce decree. This way, therefore, they may have to ask for the registration of such, however, as a rule of thumb, they will require to see whatever documents that you would need to change the ownership of the asset. Sometimes some lawyers usually ask for a photo of your car’s odometer to determine its value.

Other Important Things That They May Ask For

There may be emails or certain correspondence like letters, pictures, cards, or something tangible that you consider essential. Remember to include them. Such could, for example, be copies of text messages, from your spouse and their lovers, photos of jewellery or cars, net worth statements, handwritten balance sheets and more. In many cases, it is upon you to determine whether these things are important to you or essential for your divorce attorney to see them.

If you are the one being served with the divorce paperwork, then the ask may be different here. A good divorce lawyer may want to see the divorce pleadings along with your financial records. They may want to see these because in many cases, there is a likelihood of there being a restraining order that needs to be understood. Also, there is likely to be set deadlines that need to be met on when these pleadings were filed.

What Your Divorce Attorney Will Do

Your divorce attorney will start your divorce case. During your initial meeting with your divorce lawyer, they will often ask a lot of questions and listen to your case details. After this, they will walk you through the whole process of divorce. They will usually give you divorce forms to fill during or even after your first meeting.

Lawyers explain the game plan for your divorce case. Therefore, strive to find a qualified one to handle your case and who will work on your case as per your terms. Find one who will work collaboratively with your spouse’s side if for instance you and your partner collaborate, are friends, and compromise with each other. For such a situation, collaborative divorce or mediation could work perfect especially if the two of you can square out major issues such as alimony, children custody schedules and much more.

Never go into divorce cases on your own. Always try and find a good divorce lawyer. Finally, their divorce strategy depends on the unique circumstances of the case. Ensure you let your lawyer know your desired case strategy.

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