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One million drivers were apprehended in 2016 for driving while intoxicated. Literally, over 10,000 persons died in 2016 from alcohol related accidents. This percentage accounts for nearly 30% of all accidents in the US. Many of these types of accidents happen to occur between Memorial and Labor Day. These days are the especially dangerous for teenage drivers. “How can this happen, these are teens?” Though these are teens, they are still managing to get alcohol, become extremely intoxicated and get then get behind the wheel of an automobile. 

Thirty-six deaths occurred every day between 2001 and 2005. Statistics reveal that during Christmas, these stats rose dramatically higher up to 45 deaths. When the New Year holiday came about, the amount of deaths rose to 54 per day. The US Department of Health and Human Services report that an average of almost 6% of teenagers between the ages of 16 and 17, along with over 15% of those aged 18-20 have driven while intoxicated. Other deadly days during the year are the Super Bowl and Cinco de Mayo. Another shocking statistic to observe is on St. Patrick’s Day, every 51 minutes a death occurred, relating to alcohol. 

An individual that has been accused of drinking under the influence can face undoubtedly attract a good deal of public animosity and outrage. This particular crime is scrutinized heavenly, due to the amount of young lives, that it claims every year. So if a person does find him/herself in this situation, and they feel they are being wrongly accused, hiring a good DUI attorney should be their main priority. A good DUI attorney will have most likely attended a few extra courses to make sure that they can offer the best help to their clients. One such class is called NHTSA Standarized Field Sobriety Test. This class takes approximately 20 to 24 hours of your time. The purpose of this class is in a nutshell primarily used to be able catch little mistakes that the officer may makes that could get his/her testimony thrown out of court. 

Two other classes are NHTSA Standarized Field Sobriety Test, which is the same class as prior, but it goes a little deeper. It is considered the Instructor’s Course, then we have the Breath Instrument Training Courses. In this class the attorneys will get to find out how these devices work. It covers basic human physiology when it comes to the absorption/elimination of alcohol, the electronic component of the breathalyzer etc. Along with these sorts of additional classes and of course the 3 years of training at an accredited law school, an accused individual should be in good hands. Regardless if the dui attorney canton oh or if they are somewhere in tupelo ms, a DUI attorney in most cases have gone through arduous training. 

The law, when it comes to driving while under the influence, is set up in a way that it protects innocent jaywalkers and other drivers. Though the police tries it best to remove intoxicated drivers from the streets before an accident happens, in many cases quite a few will manage to slip under the radar, causing deaths. With these scenarios in mind, we still have to understand that the law is also there to take care of drivers who are being wrongly accused of DUI, and be ready also to accept their rights as citizens.

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