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6 Benefits of Working for a Large Law Firm

Perhaps you’re interested in becoming a paralegal. Maybe you’re interning as you go through law school to become an attorney yourself. Regardless of your reasons to work for a law firm, you’re probably wondering whether it’s best to work for a small one or a larger one, such as Tully Rinckey. The truth is that working for a larger firm offers several benefits you may not have considered.

  1. You’ll Have Access to More Resources

Big law firms have a lot more employees than smaller boutique firms, which means they have a lot more resources as well. When you work for a larger firm, you’ll have access to larger law libraries, more education opportunities, mentor programs, and much more. Some larger firms even have their own restaurants and health facilities in order to bring in the highest caliber of employee.

  1. Your Work Will Be More Challenging

If you are someone who thrives on a challenge, you’ll enjoy working for larger firms. Large firms are usually more well-known and therefore, bring in the bigger clients who have more complex cases. This is especially true if you work for a national or multi-national firm that handles international business affairs. You’ll get a chance to flex your knowledge and law skills with some of the biggest names in the industry in some cases.

  1. You’ll Make More Money

Larger firms that take on bigger clients can afford to pay more money. In fact, large firms are some of the highest paid environments for practicing law that there are. In addition to higher salaries, employees at these firms receive better compensation packages, such as insurance and vacation time. Most large firms also pay their interns, a concept that is practically unheard of in smaller firms.

  1. You’ll Meet Interesting People

If you want to rub shoulders with the best of the best, consider working or a large law firm. These firms employ hundreds or thousands of lawyers around the world, making it easier for you to make contacts all around the world. In fact, knowing attorneys in all parts of the world could even mean you can transfer to another country in the future. Working for a large firm is an excellent way to advance your career and see more of the world at the same time.

  1. You Can Work on Specialized Cases

When you work at a smaller law firm, there are often fewer attorneys and fewer interesting cases to go around, meaning you often end up in a situation where you take what you can get. Working for a larger law firm provides you with more opportunity. When there are more attorneys and more cases, you can determine what your specialty is, such as tax law, corporate law, or family law, and work only on cases that interest you and work best with your personal abilities.

  1. You Can Advance More Readily

Small firms simply don’t have the room for advancement that larger ones do. A single firm with three or four attorneys offers no ladder-climbing opportunity unless a senior partner takes a strong liking to you. However, with larger firms, you can move throughout the company. You may choose to move laterally, taking on the same position at a new location for a change of pace, or you could choose to climb the ladder to head a department, an entire branch, or even the rest of the company.

Regardless of which area of law you want to work in, whether you want to become a paralegal, receptionist, or attorney, and where you want to live, working for a large firm like Tully Rinckey Law provides plenty of benefits. Consider it for your future!

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