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Preparing for a Divorce

The prospect of splitting up is not one that may be joyfully met. However, when it is clear that a marriage is over, being prepared to legally cut ties as husband and wife are tantamount to making it through the process.

There are specific steps that a divorce attorney tampa can assist with when you are ready to file. The period before that is all yours to use to get yourself prepared for the process to come. It helps to know what type of things you can do in advance of filing to be better prepared for the court process ahead.

Gather Financial Information

Dividing money, property and debt obtained while married is one of the most significant issues during divorce. Whether you have 401(k) accounts, savings, investment properties, or just some cash on hand, gathering the information the court needs is a great first step. Throughout the process, you will be asked to provide updated and accurate accountings of financial matters. Having the most recent documentation can help expedite your side of things.

Understand Your Schedule

You don’t want to put your children through a lengthy and complicated divorce. You do want to prepare them and yourself for the change in the family dynamic. Get a firm grasp of your schedule and your children’s schedules so that when it comes to developing a parenting plan, you can do so easier. There is nothing worse than trying to negotiate a parenting plan only to have it fall apart due to scheduling conflicts.

Set Realistic Expectations

You may want a lot of things out of this divorce, but you need to be realistic. KNow that you will have to compromise on some issues. Accepting this will help you prioritize what you are willing to bend on and what is non-negotiable.

Asking others who have been through the process may seem helpful, and in some cases, it is. However, keep in mind that each divorce is unique and therefore comparing yourself to someone else may do more harm than good.

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