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Resolvly: Assisting with Medical Bill Debt Consolidation

The top cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States is medical debt. One trip to the hospital can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in debt that consumers are unable to get out from under. If you are struggling with medical debt, know that there is a way out. At Resolvly, our attorneys can help you to sort through medical bills and provide debt consolidation services. Our solutions can help you avoid bankruptcy and begin to reclaim your financial freedom.

Medical Debt

Unlike credit card debt, medical debt is something that can happen unexpectedly. If you are like most consumers, you are not prepared for a major medical emergency and while it is costly, it is something you cannot avoid. Illness or injury can happen at any time and you must seek treatment in order to get better. Whether you are uninsured or have insurance but still owe money, medical bills can easily pile up and affect your finances.

With medical debt, healthcare providers may have lien rights depending on where you live. this means that if they provide you with medical treatment and you cannot pay, then they can record a lien on you which becomes public record. This line is put in place to make sure they get paid. If you come into money, such as an inheritance, they can claim it via lawsuit or a settlement. Our attorneys can assist in this situation and make sure your debt is taken care of with liens absolved.

Verifying Debt and Negotiations

With an attorney by your side, the debt is verified, and negotiations started. With our help, we take an in-depth approach to learning more about your debt, so we can begin the negotiation process. We work to reduce as well as eliminate your debt in the quickest way possible. In some cases, a medical provider might tell you to use credit cards to pay off your debt. This will then see medical debt become a consumer debt, which leads to even more problems.

No matter your medical debt issues, we can help. Let our trained attorneys get to work for you, reviewing your medical bills and focusing on helping with debt consolidation services. Getting your debt lowered and turned into one small monthly payment helps you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You do not have to drown in debt due to unexpected medical bills. With the right help, you can see your debt taken care of and get back on your feet financially.

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