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Tips For Creating A Divorce Settlement Agreement

You will never hear someone say that the divorce process is a simple one. It is usually a long, process filled with stress, money and heartbreak. Sadly, divorce is becoming more common and an average of 50-percent of marriages will end in it. Part of the process to divorce legally is coming up with a proper marital settlement agreement Tampa .

This can be done with the help of a reputable lawyer like the ones found at Below are some tips to follow that will help make the settlement agreement process a little easier.

Start With Basics

Before getting into the difficult steps, you should start with the basics. Obtain the necessary paperwork from the courthouse. Your lawyer may also be able to provide these forms to you. To ensure they are filled out correctly and in the best interest of both parties, let your divorce attorney help you through the process.

Include All Details

All relevant information pertaining to the marriage needs to be included. If you or your spouse try to withhold information during this agreement drafting, it could become a legal issue.

Some of the details you will have to include are your marriage date, date you and your spouse separated, information about any children involved and the grounds for wanting the divorce. You may also need to describe both spouses current living arrangements.

Confirming The Agreement

Once all of the paperwork has been filled out and double-checked for accuracy, it is time for both spouses to sign it and file it with the courthouse. This confirmation and acceptance, along with a witness confirming both signatures, will make this contract a legally binding one.

This settlement agreement will become the legal contract describing how your marital assets and debts will be divided once the divorce is completed. Generally speaking, any assets or debts owned by one spouse before the marriage will be separate. Any items bought or any debt incurred during the marriage will have to be included in the divorce settlement agreement. Your lawyer can help you list all of your assets and marital debts.

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