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What Happens When I Get A DUI?

Regardless of the circumstances leading up to your DUI what comes next can be scary, especially if you don’t know what to expect.  If you’ve never had one let’s hope that the guide we’re about to present is merely a hypothetical one that you don’t ever have to use in practice.  Whether you’ve gotten a DUI yourself, or are researching this for a friend or family member, this guide will be helpful in knowing what to expect.

A Trip To Lock-Up, And Maybe A Stay

The first thing that’s going to happen is you’ll be transported to the police vehicle and transported to a jail or police station in the vicinity.  You’ll be finger-printed, have your mug-shot taken, and may have an opportunity to post bail, depending on the state. In other states, you’ll be required to stay in lock-up until you have a chance to sober up enough to be released.

You’ll Be Seeing The Nice Person With Robes And A Gavel

At least you can hope they’re nice because they’re going to be making some important decisions about your future after this DUI.  The ticket you’re given by the police officer will have the date of your appearance on it, or you’ll receive paperwork telling you when to appear. Don’t bother trying to lie to the courts, these days police cams will clearly show you failing the sobriety test and its game over after that.

Alas Poor Driver’s License!

Ok, perhaps that’s a bit dramatic but the odds of you losing your driver’s license, at least temporarily, are astoundingly high.  Courts all over the country have started to get a lot more stringent in their handling of DUI’s and they’ve been giving less leeway on those who violate drinking and driving laws.  Don’t think that avoiding the field sobriety test or a blood test will save you either, in many states this is grounds for immediate suspension of your license.

You’ll Pay Out Some Of That Sweet Green

DUI’s almost always come with a fine of some sort and depending on the circumstances of your arrest these numbers can get uncomfortably high.  If people were hurt, the property was damaged, and especially if a child has been endangered thanks to your drunk driving, you can expect a fine that will leave a mark on your memory and bank account, for some time to come.  Don’t forget to add on the court costs, those are going to be your responsibility too!

Probation Or Jail-time

You can expect that one of the results is going to be a period of probation with terms set by the judge, or jail time.  Jail time can be extensive depending on the circumstances of your case, and probation will require you to pay a monthly fee to the courts for the administration of said probation.

Getting a DUI is no joke, and the repercussions of getting one can last a lifetime, especially if it isn’t your first offense.  While there is some leniency for first-time offenders where nothing got damaged and no one got hurt, repeat offenders are going to be treated especially harshly.  Here in Gilbert, DUI Attorneys at Tait and Hall have been helping their clients get the best possible results from their cases for years, and their expertise is sure to be a benefit to your case.


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