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How to Find a Reputable Drug Lawyer in Germany

How Do I Choose A Reputable Drug Lawyer That Will Work For and Not Against My Best Interests?

Having criminal charges (such as drug charges) leveled against you is not an easy thing to deal with. Your life is on the line, particularly if you are innocent of the drug charges.

How do you if you have hired the right drug lawyer to represent your best interests and your life?


Does the person love what they do? You cannot simply hire someone who is just doing their job. They are not going to treat you like a person. They will treat you like a case number. Once your case is over, they will move on right away.

Experience: A Pencil Pusher Is Not the Same as A Corporate Litigator

You would not hire a tax professional to fix a car, would you? You take your car to a mechanic to repair the damages.

You need someone who has experience with criminal drug charges. Your case might not warrant going into a criminal court proceeding (including witnesses, etc.), but you need someone who has experienced enough to enter into the courtroom if necessary.

You have to hire a Drogen Anwalt who has experience with your specific caseload. Not all drug charges are the same. Some drug charges have minimal punishment (at best). Others face intense felony charges that could carry extensive jail times and fines.

Your charges might be on the low end of the scale, but, you still need someone who has experienced enough to swim in the deep end if needed.

Confidence Is Key

No lawyer can predict the outcome. Some lawyers get arrogant. They begin to assume they can say it will be “a slam dunk”. A little arrogance is okay, but too much is a red flag.

The simple truth is that you are going to be hard-pressed to find a lawyer who does not have a little arrogance. It comes with the territory. However, you need to look for confidence more than anything else.

There is a difference between the two. Confidence is a natural ability. Arrogance comes from the ego. There is a certain amount of psychology involved here.

Your case needs advanced preparation, not empty promises because the lawyer is too arrogant to tell you the truth. It then becomes all about them, not you.

Technical Jargon

There are some lawyers who like to use a lot of big words. They want to boast, for some reason, that they graduated top of their class in college.

They start to speak in legal terms, assuming that you will understand what they say. Some might be able to understand the technical terms. That is not the point though. Your lawyer should be able to speak to you plainly, and in ways, you can understand without having to Google what they say.

A good lawyer will put aside the “big words” speech and talk on a level anyone can understand.

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