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Finer Balances for the Legal Supports

Choosing a lawyer can be compared to choosing a doctor. This is recognized by the lawyers themselves. We do not trust our health to anybody, just the same way we need to approach the decision to entrust our legal problems to the specialist. What to look for when contacting a lawyer.

  1. Understand if this is a lawyer

Now the army of all charlatans and their number may be even greater than the lawyer community itself. It happens that you read: β€œLaw firm. Advocate,” but in fact, under this sign, the office was opened by people who do not even have a legal education. With the best criminal defense lawyer in toronto you can actually come up with the best choices now.

The lawyer must be asked for a certificate and check his number on the registry of the Ministry of Justice. Each lawyer in the registry has a number. The registration number is indicated on the register file of the lawyer and in the certificate of the lawyer. If a lawyer loses his status, he loses his status and his number; he can no longer be assigned to another person. The register of lawyers can only be viewed on official sites, except for the site of the Ministry of Justice it can be, for example, the site of the Law Chamber of the Territory. Keep in mind that the network on private legal sites is full of false law registers with outdated or fake data.

  1. Find out his place of work

A lawyer must necessarily be registered somewhere – in the bar association or bureau, or he must have his own law office registered with a bank account. Two thirds of lawyers work in bar associations, a third of lawyers work in the framework of law offices, law offices in legal consultations. If a person shows a lawyer’s certificate and claims that he works on his own and does not even have a lawyer office, then something is wrong.

  1. Find out the specialization of a lawyer and study his past

Abroad, there has long been a division of advocate work. Law is a vast sphere, and one person cannot master it in its entirety. We need to ask the lawyer what matters he specializes in. It is useful to study the practice of court decisions in cases conducted by a given lawyer – this can be done, among other things, using the courts’ websites. Well, if this practice can be traced not only on fresh matters – it speaks of the experience of a lawyer. On the Internet you can see if the lawyer has any publications on matters that concern you, whether he participated in high-profile cases. There may be a negative, it is also useful to know.

  1. Make an appointment

At the first consultation, you need to ask how close the topic of your question is to the lawyer, whether he qualifies for it, or is engaged in narrower, specific issues and may advise turning to a colleague for help. In addition, you need to state what position on an exciting issue you hold and what you expect from the actions of a lawyer.

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