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2 Types of Personal Injury Damages Are Available After an Accident

If you get injured in an accident, your injury may be very different than wounds experienced by another person that is in the same accident with you. You may have long-term neck injuries, a broken leg, or even find yourself fighting a concussion. The other person may have a broken wrist, a sore back, and a black eye.

Although you were both in the same accident, your injuries could have very different long-lasting results, too. In fact, the possible variations of bodily damages that occur in accidents in one month in the United States alone are almost too numerous to count. That is why attorney’s such as Shook & Stone seek compensation for injury victims and why the courts have established a system of compensation that includes two different types of awards for personal injury damages.

Punitive Damages

When someone causes injuries to another through outrageous behavior or extreme neglect, the courts may find the defendant’s conduct requires more than the standard legal remedies. Established as a punishment, punitive damages do compensate the injured person, but the main purpose of imposing this type of award is to deter the horrible action from occurring in the future. The amount awarded as punishment, no matter how grievous the injuries, cannot be over 10 times the compensating damages given.

Compensatory Damages

The courts award compensatory damages as a way of making the injured person whole again. Although it can be difficult to establish the financial, emotional, and physical long-term damage the victim may suffer from the injury, the courts do try to compensate them. This can be reimbursement for many types of injuries.

  • Medical expenses can include all medical needs associated with the accident, whether past, current or future. Calculations are often included for long-term care.
  • Lost wages may be granted for a person’s inability to work, injury recovery time, and future lost earnings because of the injury. The inability to continue work in their field of specialty can also be compensated.
  • Funeral costs can be awarded to a victim’s family when death results from the accident or injury.
  • Property repair is awarded at fair market value and can include car, home, and other personal property. When repair is not feasible, property replacement can be included in the verdict.
  • Pain and suffering can be awarded for emotional distress and can include compensation for fear, loss of life’s enjoyment, and anger. Although difficult to calculate, the courts understand that this type of suffering can be especially debilitating.
  • Family loss is a special compensation in the marriage awarded for loss of affection, companionship, assistance, and sexual relations. Covering the expected, but intangible marriage elements, the money is meant to reimburse the partner and victim for their loss.

Your Damages

To make sure you are fairly compensated for any injuries you have suffered as the result of a slip-and-fall, automobile collision, or pedestrian accident, contact an attorney immediately after the accident. A personal injury lawyer can help you understand what legal rights you have and what type of compensation you deserve.

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