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How To Deal With Injuries at a Birthday Party

Throwing the perfect birthday party for your child doesn’t have to be a source of stress. While the guest list, decorations, cake, and favors may feel overwhelming, entertainment should be the easiest part of planning for your child’s dream celebration.

But unfortunately, there’s always a risk of accidents happening, and you should know some best practices for avoiding them and what do if one occurs.

Planning for your event

If you’re lucky enough to plan a party in the warmer months, an outdoor bash is the perfect choice. Setup can be as simple as a snack table, seating area for parents, and a water play paradise.

Simply research your desired water activity in your area, i.e. water slide rental Long Island and you’ll be directed to a slew of options for party rentals. Be sure to notify your guests on the invitation that water play will be involved so they know to pack their suits and throw on some sunscreen.

In order to ensure the best possible outcome for your party, it’s important to plan ahead. Outside of the obvious planning — where to buy the cake, what theme to pick, and what foods to serve —  it’s important to be sure that your guests are both entertained and safe.

If you choose to go with rented equipment, be sure to discuss liability with the company. If their liabilities form covers personal injury, consider drafting a waiver for parents to sign before the kids are let loose on the inflatables as well. It may seem superfluous at the time, but in an environment where kids can often outnumber parents, you can never be too careful.

Activity supervision

While a children’s party can also become an event for adult socialization, it’s important to have your party guests well chaperoned. It’s easy for kids to run amuck when given the freedom of an open backyard and access to sugary treats, but in the case of water play, you can never be too careful.

A great solution to ensure safe play is to hire a babysitter for your party. If you know your yard will be filled with hyper party-goers, hiring a mature adult to supervise the activity area so the parents can relax is a great way to balance the fun for both the kids and their parents. What parent doesn’t love the opportunity to catch up with their friends with the peace of mind of knowing that their child is well taken care of?

In the event of injury

In the event that a partygoer sustains an injury amidst the excitement of your party, be sure to have a plan on how to handle it. Whether a rambunctious child slips in the act of play, or a young-at-heart adult decides to join in on the fun, a personal injury amidst a yard full of partygoers is never an ideal situation.

A resolution can be acquired by contacting a professional to discuss the case, review the aforementioned waiver, and draw up a course of action. Once again, research is as simple as searching your area for Toronto law firms that specialize in cases of personal injury. Be sure to mention any medical visits attached to the incident, the location, and full details of how the injury occurred. The lawyers will handle any further action necessary and advise on the best method of settling with the unfortunate situation.

An injury occurring at your child’s party is a less than ideal occurrence after the amount of work involved in planning for what is meant to be a fun day. For most parents, the planning takes longer than the event itself, and the last thing you want to do is stress about an unexpected injury.

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